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How To Prevent Hair-Fall Naturally through Ayurveda

  • Post by: School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma
  • Date: 21-04-2022

Your crowning glory can be a curse sometimes, especially when it starts to become thin. Tangled hair in brushes or wispy strands can lead to sleepless nights.  Experts say unrelenting hair fall can be distressing, causing a grave impact on your psychological well-being. Markets are awash with anti-hair fall products, however not every product can guarantee protection against hair loss. One should also be wary of the chemicals in these products that may lead to further hair damage. The safe alternative to such anti-hair fall products would certainly be Ayurveda. The world’s oldest medical system offers a wide variety of Ayurvedic medicine for hair fall. So read along to know How To Prevent Hair-Fall Naturally through Ayurveda.


Understanding Hair Fall

From time immemorial, men and women share the same tragedy of hair loss. This loss is not noticeable since new hair grows in its place. Hair loss occurs when new hair does not substitute the fallen hair. 

According to Ayurveda, hair is a by-product or a breakdown product of Asthi or bone tissue. When any disturbance occurs in the tissue metabolism which solely depends on the digestive fire affects the health of your hair. To an extent, the health and quality of your hair depend upon the constitution of your body. 


Factors Causing Hair Loss As Per Ayurveda

The major factors for hair loss are nutritional, hormonal deficiencies, and complications from other diseases or medications. Hormone-related hair loss results from an increased sensitivity of hair follicles to male hormones. Or it can be due to the large number of male hormone receptors that are attached to hair follicles. This component is inherited through the genes termed as Pitta constitution. 

As per Ayurveda, an excess amount of Pitta dosha increases in the body due to hot climatic conditions, excessive intake of salty, spicy, and sour food, meat, tea, coffee, and excessive smoking. Pitta is easily aggravated upon the intake of fried, greasy, oily, and acidic foods. 

Herbs that help balance Pitta like Shatavari - Asparagus, and vegetables that help improve the quality of your Asthi Dhatu such as bitter vegetables are effective in the Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss


Symptoms of Hair Loss

Hair loss appears in different ways. It depends on what's causing it to begin with. It can come suddenly out of nowhere or gradually affect your scalp and your whole body.

  • Patches of scaling spreading over your scalp: This is a sign of ringworm disease. It is often accompanied by redness, broken hair, swelling, and sometimes oozing. 
  • Circular or patchy bald spots: Some people lose their hair in circular or patchy bald spots on their scalp, eyebrows, or beard. Skin becomes itchy or painful before your hair starts falling out. 
  • Gradual thinning on top of the head: This is the most common type of hair loss, it affects people as they age. 
  • Sudden loosening of hair: This can be caused due to physical or emotional shock.  
  • Full-body hair loss: Some conditions and medical treatments like chemotherapy can result in full-body hair loss. 


How Does Ayurveda Help in Reducing Hair Fall?

According to experts, a well-functioning mind and body are needed to control hair fall. The root cause of your hair loss must be tackled first. One must cleanse their system from within to balance the doshas of Ayurveda. And this is where the Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss becomes effective. 

Ayurvedic Remedies for Hair Loss

Natural immunity boosters like Amla and other natural ingredients like Bhringaraj, Aloe vera, Coconut, Methi, Jojoba, Yoghurt, and Neem are effective in maintaining the health of your hair. 

Ayurveda-Prescribed Lifestyle Routines

Ayurveda is not just about homemade herbal remedies, one must also follow a strict lifestyle to get the desired results. Ayurvedic concepts such as Dinacharya and Ritucharya must be followed to ensure the health benefits. The basic principle in Ayurvedic medicine for hair fall is to prevent diseases by making changes in your lifestyle according to the cycles of nature. 

Dinacharya includes waking up early, exercising, hygiene, relaxing, meals, sleeping, and so on. Ritucharya involves the lifestyle changes to be followed during each season.

Ayurvedacharya Dr. CM Pradyumna, associated with the luxury wellness center in Kolkata, recommends getting up early (close to sunrise), ensuring bodily hygiene, and drinking water from a copper vessel. Pranayama, Yoga, or any other kind of exercise is a must. Eat meals with a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables. 


Ayurvedic Treatments to Stop Hair Fall Naturally

It is termed Khalitya in Ayurveda when there is an increase in hair fall. It is classified under Shiroroga. Vitiated Sleshma/Kapha with Rakta would cover and obstruct the hair root, which prevents hair growth in that particular place. 

Ayurveda treatments in Kerala are effective treatment procedures that are based on the classical text of Ayurveda. The treatment involves the internal administration of Rasayanas and Kesh Vardhak yoga, and the application of specially developed oils, packs, and powders externally. Panchakarma is done for detoxifying the body and Kaya Kalpa therapies for rejuvenation. Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is effective and there are no side effects.