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Massage courses: Significance and Relevance as a Career

  • Post by: School of Ayurveda
  • Date: 24-06-2021

Ayurveda has come a long way from being a branch of science found exclusively in India. Today the world over recognizes the importance of including this holistic approach to self-care and a healthy lifestyle. Among the various self-help courses available today, Ayurveda massage courses in Kerala are considered to be highly significant. There are special Ayurvedic retreats in India that are famous for their stress-relieving massages and Spa. Luxury hotels have started to include the same in their list of faculties because many foreigners specifically request Ayurvedic massage centers available. Due to the increased demand for Ayurveda and its benefits, many institutions have included courses related to Ayurveda. Currently, there are 15 Ayurveda colleges in Kerala dedicated to providing courses related to Ayurveda. So why should one choose a career in Ayurveda? Here you can find information regarding Massage courses: Significance and relevance as a career

 Career scopes of  Massage courses

Beauty centers, Health Clubs, Luxury Hotels, Spa parlors, etc in India and foreign countries are always looking to hire experienced and certified therapists in Ayurvedic massages. The modern rat race in today’s world leaves little to no time for exercise and healthy eating. Accumulating fat and cholesterol leads to many health issues like obesity, heart attacks, liver failure, etc. So people trust Ayurveda because of the fact that only natural ingredients are used in the treatments. As per Ayurveda, the imbalance in Doshas and the accumulation of toxins are the primary reason for bodily ailments. The majority of the treatments revolve around massages and administering herbal medications for rectifying the underlying causes. Besides, this ancient practice has been handed down by our ancestors which has to be preserved and propagated to the world.


Skills Required

  • Students with a passion for nature and interpersonal skills are ideal candidates for pursuing Ayurveda massage courses in Kerala. 
  • Courses in Ayurveda massage can be completed in 2-6 week’s time when conducted in person. An Online Ayurveda course may take longer. Massage therapy can help both athletes and muscular body types. A good massage can help to enhance blood circulation and increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles, thus helping the body to function properly. 
  • Having basic knowledge about Ayurveda and its importance can help to grasp the concepts faster. Some massage courses are more descriptive and require more time and practice to complete
  • Massages require applying pressure at the right point to alleviate the senses and regulate proper blood flow. So it is always recommended to study the same under expert guidance rather than random online videos.


Application & remuneration

Once the certification is obtained, one can begin a professional career in Ayurveda massages. As mentioned above, many luxury spas and hotels are paying big bucks to hire experienced and certified massage therapists in order to attract more customers. Getting certified by a reputed Ayurveda college is important because there may be fraudulent websites that provide counterfeit certificates which do not have any value. Many massage therapy centers in India and foreign countries like Canada, UK, USA, Russia, etc hire specialists from India who have attained training and certification from a respected Ayurveda institute in Kerala. With the current pandemic, people have started shifting their concentration on living healthy and improving their immune systems. Yoga and its various benefits are being propagated worldwide. Massage therapies are becoming very popular and will continue to rise in the coming years. Also, you can take care of your loved ones and give them the proper care they very well deserve. In fact, there are online massage courses in Kerala offered by reputed institutes since travel restrictions to the country have prevented many people from enrolling in physical classes. 

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