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Post-Covid treatment with Ayurveda

  • Post by: School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma
  • Date: 28-03-2022

Covid 19 has affected many individuals to varying degrees. Even after getting rid of the illness, post covid syndrome is found in many patients. The key objective in post covid treatment is to identify complications and support the patients to preserve their health condition. It is necessary to implement proper treatment for these patients to restore good quality of life. Ayurveda for post covid treatment acts as a preventive measure to fight against viruses. They have enough potential for the treatment and prevention of post covid syndrome. The side effects get reduced in the Ayurveda treatment and there will be no long-term residual symptoms. Patients who undergo Post-Covid treatment with Ayurveda are expected to increase the treatment outcome and minimize risk.

How Effective Ayurveda Medicines Are in Treating COVID-19?

No cure has been found specific to Covid-19 in modern western medicine. It was from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the coronavirus treatment has emerged. It consists of herbal medicine similar to Ayurveda and was used to control the epidemic in China. 

Ayurveda shares many similarities with TCM. It was mandatory in China to use TCM formulas for treating a patient with the novel coronavirus. China's Covid positive case started to drop down at a high speed by using these formulas. 

A medicinal drink was released by the president of Madagascar containing Artemisia, Neem, and Lemon. Within a month, mortality rates became lower in Madagascar and other African countries that had Covid Organics. 

WHO laid down certain guidelines to evaluate natural medicine for Covid. In the trial, half of the patients are given herbal medicine while the other half are given pharmaceutical-approved medicine for Covid. In India, better results were shown in the group that took Ayurveda. Hence, the AYUSH department-approved Coronil, Clever, and Kudineer are supportive in the treatment of Covid.

Another trial conducted in India made use of Ayurvedic Medicine called Immunofree and a supplement called Reginmune against the pharmaceutical SOP. Half of the patients took Ayurvedic medicine and the other half took the pharmaceutical SOP. The results were groundbreaking as all the patients with Immunofree tested negative on the 10th day. Hence, shows that herbal medicines from the Ayurvedic are extremely effective in treating and preventing Covid. 

How to Strengthen Your Immunity with Ayurveda?

It is important to have a strong immune system in the current scenario. A weaker immune system reduces the body's ability to fight against viruses, bacteria, and parasites. 

Ayurveda provides several ways to boost the immunity system. Ayurveda suggests that a stronger immunity system is the outcome of better digestion, balanced hormonal function, healthy liver functioning, and good metabolism.

Many Ayurvedic herbs and spices help in strengthening the immune system. Some of them are Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Neem, Amla, Ginger, and Pepper. They can either be taken with honey or boiled in water to consume as they are available in powdered forms. An ayurvedic doctor guides about the right herb and its dosage. 

Intake of Amla is perfect for overall immunity. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C that helps to rejuvenate and revitalize the body's systems. Ginger is another spice that boosts immunity levels as it is loaded with antimicrobial compounds. 

Tulsi has anti-infective properties that help with respiratory tract infections. One of the best ways to boost immunity is to take fresh tulsi juice twice a day. 

Post-Covid Conditions

Some people experience post covid conditions even though most of them get better within weeks of illness. Post covid conditions are health problems that people experience four or more weeks after first being infected with Covid-19. 

Post covid conditions can happen to anyone who has had Covid-19. People who have had a severe illness, mild illness, or if they had no initial symptoms can undergo post covid conditions. 

Such people experience many complications including difficulty in breathing, fatigue, cough, chest pain, headache. Some of them may also encounter mood changes, change in smell or taste, changes in menstrual period cycles. It is difficult to know whether these problems are the result of hospitalization or the long-term effects of the virus. 

Why Choose the School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma?

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The treatment methodology is different as Ayurveda integrates all aspects of the individual. Their mind, body, and soul are taken into consideration and a customized treatment approach is scheduled. 

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