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Our Happy Clients

School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma has trained and mentored over 3500 students from all over the globe at its educational and research centre at Kannur, Kerala. Over these years our students have been spearheading natural health movements and creating centres of healing and wellness with the ancient practices of Ayurveda. We are proud to be part of their holistic journey and wish them the best to create an empowered impact wherever they go. wish them the best to create an empowered impact wherever they go.

Thank you for all the knowledge and nice moments. I gained a much better understanding of the eastern view on health & disease as well as the Indian way of life in general. Special thanks to Dr Shimji for your kind, soft & gentle yoga explanations and practices.



My time here was short but significant. I have gained so much from every person I have crossed path with here, Dr Sapna is really a talented teacher and my doctor for Panchakarma Dr Anju, thank you so much for your un waning patience with my questions and being so much caring with my treatments.As so grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Ayurveda, truly an amazing approach to healing. Thanks again for the experience and all the effort you put in to this program. Much Love

Mr. Hiberto Antonio Penna Oses

Genarel customer

Dr Sapna is an incredible teacher !!! From the first lessons itself I realized how beautifully and effortlessly she explain topics. She speaks clearly and slowly for you to understand and take it in, which is great. She explain things further which is not in the text book, her method of teaching is unique, however every single teacher is fantastic in their own way. I am incredibly grateful for the 4 weeks, I have learned a lot and know I will use it for the rest of my life Thank you again.



Thanks for all the knowledge and treatments you have taught us. Dr Sapna is an amazing teacher and all the team is friendly and helpful. Definitely an experience to share and



Thank you so much for all of the knowledge and enlightment!!! It was an eye-opening experience and time was not enough. I hope to be back in the future for more treatments and classes.



Ayurveda Nutrition and Cooking class was very interesting. It helped me to improve my knowledge about Ayurveda and how to cook food according to our Dosha and Prakruti. Thank you Dr Nimisha for the wonderful lessons. Eat well and Live well.

Myself a BAMS doctor and came here to take some practical knowledge of Panchakarma. It was good experience and I gained a lot of knowledge and practical guidance. Faculty was very good and I thank them for giving me a good knowledge of Panchakarma. I will definitely going to miss this place



I would like to thank you all for sharing your knowledge, but more than that for sharing your energy with us and your love. It was a really rich experience coming here to study but also for treatment. I wont quote any member because I think everybody did their part. A big thanks for everyone and hope to see you all again in the near future.

MS. Andra


Thank you so much for giving me the key to a happy life, spiritually and physically. I learned so much about the importance of routine and dedication. These classes nutrition, beauty therapy, Ayurvedic massage and Herbology all centered around wellness for ourselves and how to give it others. Thank you for opening my mind and my heart.

Ms. Janet Mary Dorrington

England, UK

Thank you so much for all teachers, I had learned important things, I am sure to keep learning and use this knowledge in my life. It was a great experience to learn in such a good environment, happy to share time with teachers and batch mates. Hope I could visit again here.

Ms. Kana fukui,


I had a very good experience of studying Ayurveda, sharing knowledge and teachers are very patient and friendly. The place is filled with greenery and full of positive energy. This would be a place to learn great massages and to see great sunset at beach.

Dana Harmon


Ayurveda as the meaning “knowledge of life“ it gave me knowledge of my life. Dr Sapna lectures were interesting and at many places made me realize where I was going wrong in my life journey. After finishing the course feeling light and happy, as it as given me a vision and aim to my life which have to work on. This course will now help me to improve my life, my health and even will be happy to assist people around for their healing with the beautiful knowledge received here at School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. Thanks for bringing change in our life

Mr. Alvaro Villar


Wow these 30 days passed so quickly, I had a great time at School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma, here at Kannur. I have learned a lot about Ayurveda and life science, but Yoga is my favourite one. Wanna say a big thanks to all the doctors and staff here in the school, keep it good as you were already doing it that way. All the best regards

Ms. Kyla Johnson


Thanks, so much doctors to open the door of the Ayurveda to me. It was a fun, intense, graceful experience. I am really excited to discover more and to see what I can do to share this magnificent knowledge to people around me. Blessings to you and to your mission to heal the world, hope to be back in the near future to learn more. Big Hugs

Ms. Celine Roux


Dear Ayurveda School team, thank you very much! I really enjoyed the one-month course and I am looking forward to come back and complete the 3 months course. Ayurveda is a wonderful knowledge and one life is not enough to learn it. Thank you very much to the teaching, very professional team. Thank you very much for to the staff, always helping, smiling, wonderful team and I will miss you all

Diana Rivadeneira Rivera

Toronto, Canada

Thank you for experience and knowledge, you have given to me ! ! ! I know one month is not enough but I hope it’s the start of a new healing process for me. The staff is really nice and helpful. I believe communication cane be improved and more diagrammatic pictures can be done during the classes. Ayurveda is a long path thanks for helping me to take first steps ! ! ! Regards And Love

Augustina Nasuti, Ampt (Sept 2019)

BUENOS AIRES , Argentina

Thank you very much for everything!!! New information, now I need lots of time to understand everything . Very professional teachers, Nice experience, Meet people from all over the world!!! Special thanks to Dr Sapna, now I know how and why to apply oil on the body :) You are a great teacher and motivator. Thanks a lot



Thank you so much for this beautiful experience – the teaching is great – Dr Sapna knows how to speak about Ayurveda in a simple and pleasant way. I really enjoyed as well the cooking class an the beauty class. I would definitely recommend these courses. Thank you very much Dr Nimisha for your help and attention all along my stay. Thank you so much.

Ms. Deborah de Bernadi

Milano, Italy

Excellent course with highly qualified professionals, My thanks to Dr Sapna and Dr Rajesh and the whole team. School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma will be strongly recommended by me to everyone who wants a quality course to understand Ayurveda. Thank you



First time I my life I really enjoyed my study. Dr Sapna and Dr Rajesh are best teachers with lots of experience. Thanks for all team, sweet friendly girls !!! I hope o can share my knowledge with others and help team to balance their life. I may start with my family and friends first. I will be back again to improve my skills. Xeniia (Jan 2020)



Thank you . . . for all your hard work, patience and knowledge. The past 1 month has given me so many useful tools that I will be able to take away and carry with me for the rest of my life. All my love

MR. Marcus


First thanks a lot for all the patience from the first day itself I felt like home. Very helpful staff, teachers are great and so kind, leaving with a lot of knowledge which will help to keep my health. . . thank you again and again I am going to miss you all.



My first taste of Ayurveda and it went way beyond my expectations – both learning and experiencing it. I feel very lucky that I met wonderful people like you. I thank especially to Dr Sheela, wonderful yoga teacher, to Dr Sharika for best treatments and for best care for me. I wish I had more time to spend here that started to feel like a supportive family. Hope for more next year also, many thanks to Dr Sapna and Dr Rajesh and to all staff especially Ms. Arya for best massages. Good luck and lots of love.

Ms. Deborah Anne Coyne


Thank you so much for my amazing Ayurvedic Experience, it absolutely exceeded my expectation. I believe that I have received valuable education. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg but I feel confident and I am very enthusiastic to learn more. Thank you all for being so warm, welcoming and kind hearted. Staff was amazing lecturers were fantastic, a strong community and a lifelong memory. Forever grateful.



This one-month course was more than just a course. It was a growth within myself, within my mind, body, soul and sense organs. I am rich in knowledge now and the endlessness of Ayurveda will keep me chasing in a good way. A journey not to be forget with lots o love, care, encouragement!!! Thank you all for sharing and caring.