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Eating the Ayurvedic Way: Guidelines for Optimal Health

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  • Date: 12-05-2023
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Ayurvedic diet can include personalized recommendations on various foods to avoid and eat according to the type of body and lifestyle. Ayurvedic way of eating is attracting many for its contribution to better health and mind. Read and get more knowledge on Eating the Ayurvedic Way: Guidelines for Optimal Health. To know more about Ayurveda and its methods, enrol in Ayurveda Courses in Kerala to learn more about healthy treatments, therapies, and diet. 

Ayurvedic Tips for Better Digestion


Healthy and ayurvedic behaviours that can impact positively are mentioned in the following. 

Eating According to the Dosha Type

Selecting foods that minimize the aggravation of doshas present in the body can greatly impact one’s health. Our Ayurveda School in Kerala provide insightful knowledge on Ayurveda. Read along to know more about the dosha type and the food they are attracted to. 

Vata Dosha

By nature, they are normally cool, rough, and dry. So taking food that counteracts the factors bring balance. So individuals with excess Vata dosha balance their health by adding foods that are warm, hydrating, and grounding to their diet.    

Pita Dosha

They are attracted to light, oily, and hot qualities, hence eating cold foods like cucumber, parsley, and peppermint, astringents like beans and pomegranate will minimize the worsening of pita dosha. 

Kapha Dosha

Individuals with excess kapha dosha are normally attracted to cool, oily, and heavy characteristics. So taking light, warm, and dry foods can bring balance to the well-being of individuals. 

Don’t Overfill Your Stomach


Have you ever had a moment where you fill your stomach abundantly and you felt uncomfortable as well as disturbed? You should always eat half full in order to have good digestion. Apart from the consequence of gaining weight, there are other issues that can arrive along with it. It can play an active role in enhancing the speed of the ageing process. Remember that, you need to eat to gain energy to do tasks and not to be tired of eating too much. The body needs to get enough nourishment to do various activities without making any trouble for the stomach and mind.   

Add All Six Tastes to Meals


Ayurveda knows the benefits of including six tastes in food, as each has its own benefits. The body will gain a diverse energy palate from this way of eating. Following are the qualities of each taste.

  • Sweet: helps in strengthening and nourishment 
  • Sour: mainly does the task of purifying and cleansing the body
  • Bitter: mineralize and detoxify the body
  • Salty: known for balancing and regulating
  • Pungent: bring a stimulating effect and is warm
  • Astringent: gives out a cooling effect and is anti-inflammatory

So it is always advised to add a certain amount of every taste to your meals.  


No Distractions While Eating


If you have a habit of multitasking while eating, you have to change the routine in order to stay fit and healthy. You might be reading a book, watching tv, or involved in other activities it is said that you might lose interest in eating. Intake of various tastes is an art of living. Being in the moment to enjoy the task you are doing is the main aspect of Ayurveda. It suggests that mealtime is a given opportunity to connect with energy and the consciousness of the food you take. You can taste different and delicious flavours, see colours and smell the aroma of food that you intake which is a collaboration of energy and nature. If this method is new to you, you should begin by focusing on one meal at a time.    

Benefits of Eating in the Ayurvedic Way


Some of the potential benefits of eating in an Ayurvedic way are mentioned in the following. 

Promotes Weight Loss

The Ayurvedic diet mainly emphasises whole foods that are rich in nutrients. This method encourages the body to lose weight. It is suggested to take food according to your dosha type which can show impeccable results on your goals. Ayurveda-based lifestyle includes certain dietary changes and yoga sessions that can aid in reducing weight. So if you are someone struggling to lose weight, try the Ayurvedic method of eating to see effective results in months.   

Encourage Mindfulness

The Ayurvedic diet is more than what you eat. You can acquire the art of mindfulness by paying attention to what you feel at the moment. In particular, mindfulness is minimizing distractions while concentrating on meals for the texture, smell, and taste of the food. It is said that practising mindfulness helped in reducing the weight of the body, stress, depression, and binge eating. Moreover, it also enhances self-control and encourages the well-being of an individual.   

Promotes Intake of Whole Foods

The Ayurvedic diet has certain guidelines to follow for each dosha. As in whole it includes intake of foods like vegetables, grains, legumes, and fruits. This method can greatly impact your health as the foods are rich in nutrients and essentials. The diet minimizes the intake of processed food that may lack fibre and essential minerals. Eating higher amounts of fast food can result in various health risks including heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. Ayurvedic way of eating a healthy diet can help in protecting you from various chronic diseases to promote better health.    

To summarize, Ayurvedic rules and guidelines promote better health of your body and mind. It not only teaches the importance of fresh food and vitamins but also the way you eat it. So take time to enjoy your meals rather than being distracted by various entertainment. If you want to know more about Ayurvedic ways and methods of living, our Ayurveda College in Kerala give you insights into healthy living.