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Learn Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care and Baby Massage(APCBM)

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  • Date: 18-04-2023
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During the stages of pregnancy, a woman needs special attention and care by bringing a healthy lifestyle and diet. This can provide a fruitful time during pregnancy and make it better for the baby inside the womb. Ayurveda promotes and supports the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of the mother as well as her baby. One of the effective routines or therapy ensuring well-being is Abhyanga which is an ayurvedic oil massage. You can seek Ayurveda College in Kerala and Learn Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care and Baby Massage(APCBM) in which you can gain insights on how to take care in prenatal and postnatal periods. 

Importance of Massage During Pregnancy


Women go through a lot of phases both physically and mentally that lead to anxiety and stress. It is necessary to be prepared and get ready as you are about to feel a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. Get your mind and body ready, so that you can enjoy motherhood in a more relaxed way. A good diet, a healthy routine, and a light massage often can make it all better for a woman. A moment with yourself can help you stay balanced emotionally and mild exercises can make you grounded with physical fitness as well as breathing exercises, meditations, and positive affirmations on self can make everything balanced. An effective oil massage with nurturing oil along with a warm bath can rejuvenate and energize your mind and body.  

Advantages of Pregnancy Care


Enhance the Quality of Sleep and Regulate Mood Swings

Therapies and treatments used in Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care are known for improving the quality of sleep ensuring you can easily dive into a deep sleep. This is acquired with special massages that can increase the flow of blood circulation to the blood. This practice also aids in the production of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that can regulate moods like anxiety, anger, sadness, and happiness. 

Reduce the Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

A massage of body parts and head region can rejuvenate and relax the body and mind. It also lowers the levels of cortisol as well as aids in releasing endorphins which in turn 

reduce anxiety and stress. Know and learn more about various Ayurvedic treatments and therapies from Ayurveda School in Kerala.

Helps in Pain Relief

The support of the uterus and other organs of the body is ensured by abdominal muscles. During the time of pregnancy, these muscles tend to be painful as they get tight and stiffen to support the weight of the baby. The sudden change can affect strain and stress in the posture and lower back of the body. An effective massage with oil can ease the pain and tension and improve the circulation of the blood. 

Aids in Strengthening Muscles

The pregnancy period can cause tension in your muscles that change in various ways to let the mother prepare for the delivery. Your muscles loosen up and get less toned as the uterus expands to nourish and accommodate the baby. This is one of the natural biological processes that help in the delivery of the baby. Ayurvedic treatments and therapies can strengthen as well as tone the muscles in favor of short delivery.  

Helps in Reducing Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is one of the common irritations faced by mothers during the trimester. This occurs as a result of resting the stomach on the pelvis and lower back muscles. The pressure extension and the tension that is released during pregnancy is the main reason for inflammation and nerve pain. Prenatal massage and other therapies are provided for eliminating stress and pressure from the nerves.  

Benefits of Learning Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care and Baby Massage (APCBM)


There is a rising demand for pregnancy care and experts in practicing ayurvedic care and massage. You can learn about pregnancy, maternity care, medicines, detailed studies, complications, delivery pain, and post-delivery care for the baby and the mother. This will ensure the well-being of the mother and the baby. By learning and practicing various ayurvedic therapies, treatments, and massages you are making it better for the delivery period of a mother. You will know more about postpartum difficulties like acidity, itching, pain, and marks, and how to nourish the baby and the mother.    

To summarize, ayurveda therapies and treatments are useful for improving health, reducing stress, and rejuvenation. Massage during the pregnancy period has a vital role in the development and growth of the baby along with the feeling of relaxation for the mother. Ayurvedic pregnancy care and baby massage are a very safe and effective ritual that is practiced by experts. You can Learn Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care and Baby Massage (APCBM) from the School of Ayurveda. Acquiring knowledge that is passed down to generations is valuable and worth learning. So if you are interested to seek Ayurveda Courses in Kerala, learning Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care and Baby Massage(APCBM) would be a better idea.