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Why Study Ayurveda Courses in India?

  • Post by: School of Ayurveda
  • Date: 03-08-2021

Ayurveda is considered one of the oldest forms of science and traditional life disciplines practised for ages in India. The primary aim is to help everyone in achieving regeneration and longevity. Ayurveda is as prominent now as it was in the ancient days and continues to be grounded on universal principles and is a living, evolving body of knowledge. Owing to the fact that Ayurveda uses only natural ingredients, it has become an effective treatment option for many people in India and throughout the world. Ayurveda believes that true medicine comes not from a lab but from the earth. There are various institutions that practise and teach Ayurveda around the world. So why study Ayurveda courses in India?

Reasons to study Ayurveda courses in India

The best place to study Ayurveda is where it actually originated - India. The Ayurvedic concept is known to have appeared and flourished between 2500 and 500 BC in India. Ayurveda literally translates to “science of life,” because the ancient health care system in India focused on views of man and his illness. They believed in precaution rather than cure. Leading a healthy and metabolically balanced life meant lesser ailments and increased longevity.

Ayurvedic programs in India help you become competent in educating others on the importance of nature and its application in daily life by integrating the practical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of Ayurveda. Obtaining recognized certification in this industry is assisted by Government-recognized institutions for domestic and international students. Applicants can comprehend and apply therapeutic procedures by Pursuing a degree in Ayurveda. Students can choose from a plethora of courses to learn and understand about the concept and implementation of Ayurveda for self-betterment and the betterment of their loved ones.

The state of Kerala, which lies at the southern tip of India, has been a prime centre for the development and exploration of Ayurveda. The hills abundant in herbs, luscious forests and other flora are vital for the preparation of Ayurvedic concoctions used for treatments. The natives of Kerala adhere to an ayurvedic lifestyle in their cuisine, oil baths, periodic purification and even religious rituals. Kerala is famous for the martial art forms known as “Kalari” and dance forms that have drawn inspiration from the Ayurvedic therapy of exercise and healing. The Ayurvedic tradition has been kept alive in this exotic land of Kerala by Vaidyars (physicians) and gets passed on from one generation to another. Ayurveda college in Kerala is highly sought after by people in India and abroad as well. Besides, the colleges are established amidst the lush greenery of Kerala’s landscapes that is perfect for studying nature and its abundant benefits. In fact, Kerala is rightly termed as “God’s Own Country” for this very reason.

Studying Ayurveda in Kerala helps you to uncover deep experiences about yourself, about others, and about human existence. Although difficult at first, it will become simpler to apply subconsciously over the years. Experiences about how life functions are rarely known and can make you appreciate the life that has been given to you. Ayurveda courses in Kerala help to clarify the reason why so many people choose to endure this ancient science of life. Holding an exact perspective of our body's innate characteristic insight and its connection with nature can be a ground-breaking source of inspiration for anyone who practises Ayurveda.

Scope of Ayurveda in India

Similar to other forms of healing treatments, Ayurveda too requires the full cooperation of the patient for the treatments to take effect. In fact, there is a special term “Swasthavritta” which means realisation of self-healing. Ayurvedic nutrition requires the full dedicated participation of the patient to succeed as there is no magic pill to solve all problems. It is an interactive system that is educational and beneficial in the long run. It teaches the patient to become self-empowered and take reign of their own life. Ayurveda is not a nutritional system for those seeking to escape from reality. It is a system for empowerment and long life of freedom.

The pandemic has really brought a new perspective to life and has opened the eyes of many to a healthier lifestyle. Ayurveda is synonymous with a good healthy life and there is a huge scope of Ayurveda in India. An Ayurvedic practitioner who successfully completed Ayurveda courses in Kerala can get employment as a medical officer/doctor at government and private Ayurvedic hospitals in and outside India. These all are the answers to Why study Ayurveda courses in India. They can also establish a career as tutors in Ayurvedic colleges to conduct workshops, seminars and do research or as supervisors in 'Panchakarma'(Ayurvedic massage) health centers.

Best Ayurvedic Course

Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery(BAMS) is a famous medical degree in Ayurveda involving 5 and half years of theory and practice with one year of internship. Vital subjects like Pathology, Gynaecology, Physiology, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Principles of medicine and surgery are covered in this detailed course. BAMS has large scale scope around the world and is highly revered.

There are other specific courses in Ayurveda with a shorter time span and also certification courses that can help individuals attain a deeper understanding of their body and mind. School of Ayurveda & Panchakarma is a leading Ayurveda college in Kerala offering many online and offline courses that can benefit anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge of Ayurveda.