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Myths and Facts about Ayurveda Treatments

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  • Date: 17-11-2022

Ayurveda is an ancient treatment that’s been passed on to generations to heal. Our ancestors used ayurvedic procedures to heal mankind. Ayurveda aims at preventing the cause and healing the disease. Just like any other treatment method, Ayurveda has its own way of procedures. For instance, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is a part of ayurvedic treatment. It is said that mankind has never known any medical practices before Ayurveda.  

India is famous for ayurvedic practices and many people from around the world are in search of ayurvedic practices that are not only healing but give a rejuvenating feeling for mind and body. Despite all of this, many myths have been prevailing in the vicinity. Let’s discuss Myths and Facts about Ayurveda Treatments in this blog.

Common Myths and Facts about Ayurveda Treatments

6 Ayurvedic myths and facts are mentioned below:

1. Only vegetarians can benefit from ayurvedic treatments

It is commonly believed that ayurvedic practices only include veggies and no onions or meat.

Fact: If a person is perfectly fit, there would be no change in the diet. But if an individual has an unhealthy diet that brings diseases are avoided by treating them with a healthy diet plan. Some ayurvedic doctors actually prescribe meat on diet plans. Garlic and onion have a lot of beneficiary aspects that are rich in healing and cleansing of the body.  They are good for fighting colds, preventing nose bleeding, and in the purification of the blood. 

2. Ayurveda is a luck treatment

There are many allegations that not all ayurvedic medicines work, they can only be treated if you are lucky enough. 

Fact: This statement is very wrong, Ayurveda treatments are very different compared to modern medicine, but it carries their own beneficial impacts. The concepts and ideas are beyond the analysis of scientific methods. Every treatment has its own time to work since it is a natural way of healing practices. It can take some time, but will definitely show the results. Modern medicines take less time to cure the symptoms, and the disease can come back. While Ayurveda treatments include healing the root cause of the disease so that it won’t come back. 

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3. Ayurveda is zero side effect treatment

Normally people spread this myth thinking that most of the treatments involve natural remedies and herbals. 

Fact: Every medication has its own effects on the body. If it has an effect, isn’t it false to say that it doesn’t have any side effects? Any medication that is not prescribed by a doctor can be harmful if you intake the medicines in your own way. This rule is also accepted for Ayurveda. Moreover, Ayurveda works as per the pace of your body.  

4. Ayurvedic medicines have no expiration. 

It is said that if it is ayurvedic, it has no side effects or expiration, only good impacts. 

Fact: If it is man-made, it has an expiration date. It can be possible if the ayurvedic medicines are meant for long shelf life. As it can be produced with various herbals. Some medicines prove that it is healthy only after some period.  

5. Ayurveda is not a legal practice

Commonly misheard that Ayurveda is not a legal practice and many people hesitate to proceed with their treatment in Ayurveda because of this myth.

Fact: Ayurveda is a legal practice that has practitioners who are well-equipped and trained. They believe many problems that are faced in today’s population are because of the doshas present in our bodies. So they don’t require any specialization that helps them to practice draining doshas from one’s bodies.  

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6. Ayurveda only uses herbs

Ayurveda only uses herbs that have traditional values and meaning. In olden times, herbs were the only available remedy that can be used to heal. 

Fact: Natural items and commodities like oil, milk, minerals, ghee, and many more are used with the treatment to make it more effective. These are the products that have many healing properties and fewer side effects. They use various products with varied purposes.  

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In conclusion, Ayurveda is one of the impeccable practices that India is proud of, all will always be because of its beneficial aspects. Ayurveda is all about the feel. Feel it yourself and enjoy the peace and alacrity Ayurveda offers to lead a happy life. There are many Myths and Facts about Ayurveda Treatments that have spread like fire. So, if you are in such doubts, get to a professional ayurvedic practitioner to clear them out.